Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anna Nicole's Fridge

I'll go ahead and jump on this picture-posting bandwagon. I have no idea how TMZ acquired these photos, but they seem pretty confident they are actually from the refrigerator in Anna's bedroom in her Bahamas home. Note the methadone.

Sigh. I'm so tired already tonight.

Oh and Howard K. Stern's been found. Apparently he hopped a flight to the Bahamas with Entertainment Tonight's Mark Steines, who scored the exclusive interviews with HKS after Anna's death. ET will start airing the footage Monday night, but you can get a sense of the mood from Mark's blog:

Howard, in tears, at times unable to speak, shares with me that Dannielynn is the light helping him go on. As the plane lifts above the clouds, Howard thinks of those his precious Anna Nicole left behind. In a voice barely heard above the din of the jet engines he tells me, "I want her friends to pray that Anna Nicole is safe, happy and with Daniel."

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