Thursday, February 22, 2007

Update: Britney Back in Rehab

In an effort to keep custody of her sons Britney has checked herself back into rehab. On hearing that his wife was back in a facility, Kevin Federline cancelled the emergency custody court hearing that was scheduled for today.

She is returning to Promises, the rehab facility that she most recently left. This is the last chance for Britney to get her life in order. The kids have been in the custody of Federline since last week. TMZ is reporting that Britney went to see her kids last night at Kevin's place and was not allowed in.

This [is] Spears' last chance -- if she leaves rehab before getting full treatment, Federline will immediately go to court seeking orders allowing him unquestioned full custody of the children.
I really hope Britney stays in rehab for a full program or else her little babies will be taken from her. The tables have turned since the initial breakup of Kevin and Brit Brit. When they first divorced most people thought of Kevin as a pot-smoking layabout who was an absent father. In the wake of Britney's crazy, however, Kevin has shown to be a stand-up guy. He has stayed away from the media, taken care of his kids and even cancelled a trip to Vegas to be in LA to help with Britney and the babies.

Here is the latest poll on TMZ...very interesting.
Who should get the kids?
Kevin 80%
Britney 20%
I've decided to post attractive pictures of Britney today. Lets hope that the paparazzi stay away from her rehab facility and let her get her life in order so she can perhaps one day have a normal life!

Anonymous said...

Everyone should leave her alone. She has been through enough. Her personal life does not need ripping apart by brainless morons. How can POLL's mean anything?? They are manipulated by's all play.

Anonymous said...

She's been asking for media attention morons. She's the one throwing more fuel to the fire. She's a redneck drama queen and the paparazzi feed off that shit because she puts herself right in the middle of their target.

I don't feel sorry for her, She's a rookie who does not know how to handle fame. I hope she does get help but I am not going to blame the paparazzi.

Anonymous said...

I think she should just stay in rehab until its time for her to get out.Kevin do not need them children.He don't take care of the ones he have now.What will give him the thought that he could take care of these.If it wasn't for Brittney his ass wouldn't be known.All he did was spent her money.She got the money to take care of her children and Kevin don't.No one comes to his concerts.He is WHACK!!!!And plus if he keep messing with John Cena the little children won't even have a daddy.I think Britteny should stand up for herself,get herself together and get them damn children back ASAP!!!

Carmel said...

I think you should forget about the past. Britney has a new image: Angry Butch Lesbian.

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