Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Foxy Strikes Back

Foxy Brown, as female rappers are wont to do, has come out swinging.
The only crime I'm guilty of is being a young black woman,” Brown said.
Hmmm. Well being a young black woman isn't a crime so you should be good to go. I imagine the lawyers will have a field day for them even charging you with being young and black. You still shouldn't have confessed to that though, make them prove it to a jury.
Police in Florida have said that Brown spat on the store's owner and then got into a scuffle with an officer in the parking lot.
Hey, wait a sec! Why are they charging her with being a young/black/female when they could just bust her for assaulting an officer?? What a bunch of goofs! She's totally going to beat the rap of being a young black woman because that's not an actual crime you poor fools!
Brown was charged with resisting an officer and simple battery, police said.
Oh. Huh. Well she's in a lot more trouble than she thinks then because while they have plenty of YBF's down in SoFlo they don't have a ton of police assaulters . They tend to throw that sort of gal in the clink. Back to the drawing board Foxy's lawyers, sorry, for a sec there I thought you were home free.