Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Thanks to the support of our readers and our evil cohorts, the Evil Beet has grown quite a bit since its July 2006 launch. We feel it's time to bid adieu to Blogger, and we're starting up operations on our own domain name.

We'll keep this one around for awhile, but we won't be updating here.

So change your bookmarks! You can visit us now at EvilBeetGossip.com.

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I Just Don't Get It

Ok so maybe I'm just clueless or totally off-base but seriously...why is this girl famous? Kirsten Dunst is not only really pale but also has a so-so body, little boobs and horrible fashion sense. Can we please have a moment to discuss the awful white sunglasses???

When she was a little girl she was awesome in "Interview With the Vampire" but since then she has been quite annoying. I don't understand why she is famous when she is not much of an actress and is really not that attractive.

If you think this girl is hot please email me and explain why...I'm just perplexed.

Green Sex

The Canadians are a bit bizarre sometimes. Now they have come up with a concept of "Green Sex." You too can "get it on for the good of the planet" with a few helpful suggestions from Treehugger.com.

You can get it on nasty style without sacrificing your environmental integrity with a whole line of eco-friendly sexual toys and accessories. Babeland.com has come up with a "Eco-Sexy Kit" that allows randy couples to go green during their intimate moments. This kit includes a "phthalate-free vibrator, soy massage candle, a natural lubricant with no animal-testing or derivatives, and condoms."

Going further if you really want to be sure that you keep yourself getting it on "Greenpeace Style" TreeHugger recommends,

Turning out the lights, not buying PVC or vinyl accoutrement's, ensuring S&M paddles are made from sustainably harvested timber, using organic massage oils, showering together, using bamboo bed sheets (they come from a rapidly renewable resource and are said to be "super sexy"), and wearing lingerie made with renewable fibres such as hemp (Enamore), bamboo (Butta) and other organic goodness (GreenKnickers, Buenostyle, Peau Ethique).
If this hasn't turned you on already check out VegPorn.Com. It is a porn site for veggie lovers. Seriously. One of their slogans is "Eat pussy not pork." Wow. I need to take a cold shower...then eat a steak and drive and SUV.


Rachel McAdams in Beyonce's Dress

You know what I actually dig? That pink streak in her hair. I don't know why, but I think it's cool. I kind of want to do it.

MK's got more pics and info over at popbytes.

Will Frenchie Davis Get Another Shot at Idol?

The racy pictures [NSFW] of American Idol contestant Antonella Barba, which have been circulating the Internet en masse the past couple of weeks, have ignited quite a firestorm. Remember Frenchie Davis? She was the season two front-runner who was booted from the show when sexy pictures of her were found on an adult website. Davis, who is overweight and black and incredibly talented, claimed she told the producers about the pictures when she first auditioned for the show, but they kicked her off anyway. Meanwhile, Antonella, who is thin and white and not talented -- at least not vocally (although "orally" is a different discussion) -- remains on the show despite the pictures. The situation is racist, claim some fans, and "weightist," according to Rosie O'Donnell.

"I think it's fantastic if Idol has evolved and I think it's fantastic she won't have to go through what I went through four years ago," Davis told the New York Post. "But if the rules have changed, I believe there should be something to make up for the fact that I was humiliated needlessly."

Now, in fairness, there is a clear difference between these sets of photos. Antonella's photos were taken privately, by her boyfriend, and intended for their eyes only. The fact that they leaked is (probably) not her fault. Davis, on the other hand, worked as a paid model, accepting money to pose for photos that she knew would end up on the Internet. Do I, personally, find either of these actions morally reprehensible and/or grounds for dismissal from a reality show? No. But some of Antonella's competitors reportedly feel different -- rumor has it that the more religious faction of the Idol contestant set is disturbed and disgusted by Barba's photos, and hopes she is sent home soon.

Meanwhile, a group called Friends of Frenchie Davis, led by civil-rights activist Najee Ali, is protesting today at the Kodak Theater, where the show films, hoping to raise public awareness of this "double-standard." Says Davis: "It's unbelievable that such movement is being made for me without me having to say a word." The end goal of this protest -- or so says the rumor mill -- is to encourage the Idol producers to give Frenchie, who currently appears in Rent on Broadway, another shot on Idol this season. This should be fun. I can't wait for the pictures.

Mischa and Cisco 2007 Break-Up Tally: 2

I mean, in their defense, it is early March.

Cisco and Mischa reportedly had their first split of 2007 in early February, when ParisExposed.com spilled the beans (ha ha ha) on Cisco's gigantic sack [NSFW and remarkably disturbing]. Mischa was furious over the pictures, but the two quickly reconciled.

But that was a month ago. It's totally time for them to break up again. Mischa's rep released the following statement: "Mischa and Cisco have decided to part ways. Mischa is moving east soon and they both have very demanding schedules." First off: yay! We won't miss ya around L.A., Mischa-baby. But the National Enquirer tells a different story.

According to their source, "Cisco broke up with her. She's just too much of a partier. He tried to get her to tone it down and even talked to her friends about reining her in. But nothing worked - even after her sister went into rehab."

I mean, this is the same Mischa who opted to smoke weed in the drivers seat of her car in a parking lot, in broad daylight, just days after her kid sister checked into a rehab. That's totally healthy. I'd want to date someone like that.

While Mischa is currently in Paris at Fashion Week, Cisco has been partying around Los Angeles with Lindsay Lohan, who has always kinda hated Mischa. I love it.

ScarJo and Jessica Biel: Together at Last

This is just weird. I had no idea these two were friends, especially considering the fact that they both banged Justin Timberlake, like, last month. They're in Paris for Fashion Week, so it's not like they're the only two people in the city who speak English. Maybe it just occured to them that these pictures would get a ton of attention. That's probably it.


Free Coffee You Fiends!

Pleasing. That's the only way to describe this.

Starbucks is handing out coffee for nothing after years of overcharging for highly addictive substances. I adore Starbucks. They give health insurance to employees and their coffee packs more caffeine per punch. Those two things are pleasing too. The free coffee dealie goes down March 15th from 10am to noon.

Now for the bad news. Every huckster and scrub within 1000 miles will descend upon my sanctuary which will make the lines long. This will cause me to buy a pastry, as a coping mechanism, which will defeat the purpose of the whole exercise.

Starbucks, you are a most worthy adversary.

This Naked Chick Will Totally Get Work Now

The newest Vanity Fair has James Gandolfini and a naked faceless chick on the cover. This is apt because when I think of the mafia I also think of leggy nudes on laps. Also, The Sopranos is ending soon for you zillionaires who get HBO.

P.S. - I'm glad she got to leave her heels on, it adds a certain element of class.

Premiere Bites the Dust

Evil Beet, and those of our ilk, continue to ravage the glossy magazine world with our insightful and timely banter. Another one fell to our sword today as word was announced that Premiere Magazine would no longer be a "magazine," instead they are going to work towards becoming an "internet brand."

The bad news is they aren't currently a very good internet brand, even with the strength of the magazine behind them. I'm not sure how losing a decent monthly mag is going to help their poor little site.

But it does beg the question; with them gone should we start a magazine? I would volunteer to be the centerfold if that helped to get things moving.

Paris Hilton Wants to Be on Every Part of Your Body

The queen of extensions was on-hand in Chicago this weekend to promote her new line of hair-extensions, DreamCatchers. I did Google searches for "Dream Catchers Hilton," "DreamCatchers hair," "Dream Catchers extensions," and "Dream Catchers Hilton hair extensions," and I could not find a single example of this product or information on how one might go about purchasing it. So, good work, Paris. This is a foolproof product launch. It's like that one time your sister launched an entire hotel and forgot to copyright the name. You kids are business prodigies, I swear.

Also, who launches a line of hair extensions in Chicago? Are they supposed to double as thermal outerwear? I love Chicago, but it's not exactly an area where the Paris Hilton aesthetic has a whole lot of pull, at least not compared to Los Angeles. Hm. Maybe Jessica Simpson's line of extensions has the West coast cornered, so Hilton's trying to promote somewhere else.

Whatever. Her hair looks fake.

Zach Braff Can Buy and Sell You

I like the show Scrubs. You should too. But should the star, Mr. Zach Braff, get $8.4m clams to continue the show into its seventh season? In a word, yes. Given the success Braff attained with Garden St he's delaying other big paychecks by staying. Plus, it hasn't been that long since Seinfeld and Friends were pulling down a million large for each episode.

The slight difference is that Scrubs has low ratings whereas those two shows were beloved by the masses.

But I think it was Sir Rod Stewart (he's gotta be a knight, right?) who said:

Never wait or hesitate
Get in kid, before it's too late
You may never get another chance.
A final fact - Charlie Sheen gets that sort of money for Two and a Half Men which I wouldn't watch if you stapled my ass cheeks to the sofa. So in that spirit we salute you Zach to the Braff. Just don't make me pick up the check next time we lunch.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Heather Graham and Bridget Moynahan Make Out

Hey there. I just saw a movie where Heather Graham and Bridget Moynahan make out. Basically Bridget is the fiancee of Heather's brother... and Heather might be gay... and Bridg is drunk. Hey, wait a sec, does the plot even matter?

Sadly, while the imagery is pleasing the movie (Gray Matters) is not very good, which is why they are leaking this clip. I would suggest you watch it, don't pay eight bucks, and save yourself a little time.

I will give some love to everyone who made the movie though, some movies just suck WITHOUT lovely ladies going for tongue. So point you there.

Late-Night Links

Lindsay Lohan's out of rehab and on the loose. And everyone knows the next-best thing to some Grey Goose cocktail is some Ryan Phillippe ... um .. you know. [A Socialite's Life]

Sarah Michelle Gellar: pregnant or fat? [INO]

Cammy Diaz nabs herself some Tyrese. [Cele|bitchy]

Premiere becomes the latest magazine to bid adieu to its print version, plans to focus efforts on online operations. [fishbowlLA]

Hey, guess who's still freakin' adorable? The Jolie-Pitt family! [ICYDK]

Also cute: TomKat and Suri, back on the intramural sports circuit. [dlisted]

Courtney Love breaks the big story that there was cocaine at Paris Hilton's birthday party. We get it, Courtney. You're sober now. But do you really have to ruin it for everyone else? [Warship]

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer take little Ruby Sweetheart into the ocean. Nude. (She's nude, not them.) [POTP]

Pics from Liz Hurley's wedding. [Allie]

ScarJo puts on her very ugliest dress for the Louis Vuitton show. Hair and shoes to match. [SOW]

One billion pics from the NAACP Image Awards. [PopSugar]

Also ... a VERY SPECIAL thanks to Joy A. at Pop on the Pop for giving Evil Beet a shout-out in her Mediabistro interview. We love ya, Joy, and we love reading POTP!

Diddy Sued Over Post-Oscar Brawl

Remember how we told you about how Diddy allegedly slugged some dude at an Oscars afterparty, because, um ... the guy didn't want Diddy macking on his fiancee right in front of him? Well, the guy sued. You can read the entire allegation in the court document here, but I'll give you the highlights (emphasis added by me).

Defendant Combs turned to Plaintiff and in a threatening and ominous manner yelled, "What the f*** you looking at dude?" Right away, Plaintiff, who felt threatened by Defendant and in fear for his safety and the safety of his girlfriend given Defendant's conduct and the fact that they were surrounded by Defendant's private security, immediately looked at this girlfriend and advised her that they should leave. Instantly, Defendant Combs, again in a threatening and ominous manner, yelled at Plaintiff that, "I'll smack flames out your ass!" ... Defendant Combs intentionally, willfully, knowingly and unlawfully attacked, assaulted and battered Plaintiff, without Plaintiff's consent, thereby causing Plaintiff to fly backwards several feet.

Man, I sure am glad we don't have to write gossip columns like legal documents. I should try that for a day. Just be all like, "This afternoon, at 10:15 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, Paris Hilton, also known as Paris Whitney Hilton, but referred to hereafter as Defendant Ho-bag, intentionally, willfully, knowingly and disturbingly exited a vehicle in the ominous absence of underwear, without the consent of the general public, who were visually and irreparably assaulted by the resultant imagery. Pics below." Ha. Actually, that would rock.

Stay tuned to watch Diddy wriggle his way out of this one.

Celebrity Ho-Names

So when celebrities check into hotels under fake names what do they use? Have you ever been curious. Well the folks at PageSix Magazine are here to the rescue. It is actually quite funny going through these lists of aliases.

Angelina Jolie- Miss Lollipop
Jennifer Aniston- Mrs. Smith (um, ok..)
Val Kilmer- Thomas Paine
Paris Hilton- Tinkerbell (ya that's not obvious)
George Clooney- Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bono- J.C Penney (isn't that where you can buy his shirts?)
Britney Spears- Bella

Overall these are a bit weak. My favorite is that I guess Johnny Depp checks in as both "Mr Satan" and "Mr Donkey Penis." How classy.

Even More Photos from the ANS Funeral

First set of photos is here.

Jen and Ben with Violet in Vancouver

Cutest. Kid. Ever.

Here's what I want to know: who is that little boy, and where was he when the Super Mario Bros movie was casting?