Monday, February 26, 2007

Why Was Jack Nicholson Bald?

Jack Nicholson was a bit creepy last night with his bald head. Awards shows love panning to Jack's reactions and last night he was down right loopy. I promise you that he and Diane Keaton had a little bit of "something" before they gave out the Best Picture Oscar. We were trying to figure out if it was blow or just a quickie in the bathroom that got them so wound up but there was something going on.

Back to Jack's hair. Where did it go? Why? The answer is is that Jack is going to be playing a cancer patient along with Morgan Freeman in the film "Bucket List." It is supposedly a "buddy flick" about terminally ill men. That sounds like the feel good movie of the year. At least the mystery was solved. It is good to know that he wasn't mocking Britney Spears...part of me thought it was a really really bad joke. Kudos to Ellen not connecting the two baldies because though it would have awarded the Kodak Theatre a bit of a chuckle, it wouldn't have been good for all of Hollywood's A-List to be making fun of Brit Brit.

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