Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Morning Music

Ok Lars is going to kill me for this but today's song is "Over It" by Katherine McPhee. Her album didn't really blow up the charts but I'm seriously digging this song. The video kind of looks like she is making her own solo sex tape but this song is too darn catchy. She really does have a great voice and if you need a good pop song today, give it a second look.

Also, since I am having a bouncy pop music moment, since our loyal reader Henry suggested I post this lovely tune here is the best song that Gwen Stefani has put out in a long time. I am really excited that she is finally recording another album with No Doubt since some of her solo stuff was getting a bit weird. If you haven't downloaded "Sweet Escape" yet, please do. It is a must for a workout play list...just be careful that you don't sing it on the treadmill. Some guy did that yesterday at my gym and it is really embarrassing.