Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Winner Emerges in the Race to Sue Perez Hilton

Congratulations, Splash News. We thought the smart money was on X17, but we've always loved you guys. Nothing on their website yet (perhaps their lawyers advised against it), but Jossip has the video (of course there's video). They found Perez the same place anyone can -- at the Coffee Bean in Hollywood -- and handed him a cease and desist letter.

Perez has long been an enemy of the paparazzi, as he often runs photos without giving proper credit. We all do that, really, but few of us make our living doing this stuff, or have the readership Perez does (between 2-3 million unique visitors a day). Furthermore, most of us pull copyrighted photos on request. Perez hasn't always been so willing to do that.

Ah, well. Let the games begin.

EvilT said...

I'm a big Perez fan...I find his stuff amusing. I actually also love to steal his pics...which I guess are stolen pics. It is stupid because the paparazzi mainly get paid selling their photos to the magazines...then those are scanned and used on the internet. I feel like once it is paid for by a magazine, bloggers should be able to freely use them. I mean paparazzi aren't really law abiding citizens themselves...I hope that this this blows over. Copyrighted pics are lameo.