Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Robert Altman Dies, World Continues Per Normal

It's been on a hundred sites already but I like the guy who runs the site linked to below so if you've got to read serious news about Robert Altman passing away do so here.

Now we return to normal haterade speak, Robert Altman was never my guy, but if I had a dime for every time someone said some random movie was "Altman-Esque" I'd be living on Goddamn planet dime. Truly he hasn't had a worthy film in a long time, I mean you're looking at MASH (1970) or The Player (1992) if you wanted to be hurtful and break it down.

Worst of all, Prairie Home Companion was his last film and it was so average that critics couldn't even work up a good lather about it. It was kind of like "eh."

Some say a little part of him died on set during that shoot because Lindsay Lohan wouldn't bang him. For any director that's got to be the beginning of the end.

We'll miss you Mr. Altman. And we'll keep "Altman-Esque" going strong here in the movie community.

Man, I just read that back for editing purposes and it's mean even for me. I'm going to go bathe and think about what I've done.

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