Monday, November 27, 2006

Hillary Gets New Chompers

Hillary Duff finally got her horse teeth fixed. According to "Life and Style,

“The length of each veneer was a little too long, and the width of the smile was too wide,” Dr. Michael Apa, dentist to the stars and Elite Model Management consultant, says of Hil’s smile, which cost the star at least $15,000. The work was meant to improve her smile, but “it made her look goofy, like she was bucktoothed. She probably had her teeth recontoured or reshaped to fit her smile,” says Apa of Hil’s smaller, narrower smile. “Now you look at her cute smile rather than focusing on her large teeth. She looks much prettier!”

Thank the lord. This orthodontist should be placed in the same plastic surgery jail as the hack that did Tara Reid's boobs. Honestly, with all of the money these celebrities have how do they keep getting bad teeth/boob/nose/face jobs.

Hopefully these new chompers will land her a hot new mad since she is a single girl now.

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