Monday, November 20, 2006

Team Karen or Team Pam?

I am obsessed with "The Office." Best Week Ever has a great recap of last week's episode. In it, they bring up the point that they are actually Team Karen. After months of wanting Pam and Jim to get together, I also think that Jim and Karen are a cute new couple. She really likes him, and Pam did miss the boat on that one. To show your support you can buy t-shirts that say "Team Karen" or "Team Pam" here.

The Internet is full of debate on this very important Office issue. I really think "The Office" is the best show on television and now it is getting really interesting.

For our readers who are big Office fans please leave your thoughts on this important national issue below.

Spiteful Lars said...

Karen is so much better!! Pam is great if you're in to psychotic chicks but Jim shouldn't be because he rules.

I think Pam and Dwight would be a better match. She seems to love dolts based on her former fiancee.

Lastly, Karen looks exotic. I bet her dad was a G.I.

EvilBeet said...


Fuck all y'all.

Anonymous said...

I'm on Team Pam. As someone who (when she was younger, much younger) stuck with an idiot when she could've dated somebody really cool and funny, I think Pam deserves a second chance.

Jeff said...

Team Michael Scott

screw this silly romance sideplot

Jam is silly...go Might!