Monday, November 27, 2006

Menage a Trois!

Paris and Lindsay can never stay mad at each other, and it seems now Britney Spears has been drawn into this love/hate relationship. It wasn't too long ago that Lindsay Lohan was caught on camera calling Paris Hilton a cunt. On Wednesday night, Lindsay pulled up to Hollywood hotspot Teddy's -- where Britney and Paris were partying inside -- with Kevin Federline's CD blasting in her car, and announced that she thought K-Fed was sexy and might be interested in "hooking up with him." (Britney was overheard later saying "Tell her please, seriously, take him!") Then, on Sunday, L2 told paparazzi that Paris Hilton had hit her with a drink at a party on Saturday night (watch the video).

The natural conclusion to all this is, of course, the three girls partying together on Sunday night, and leaving in the same car. In the video, Paris is asked about the drink-pouring incident, and she directs the paparazzi to Lohan herself, who is walking up behind them. "Lindsay, tell them the truth!" she says. "Paris never hit me," says Lohan, "she's my friend. Everyone lies about everything...she never did that, she's a good girl, she's a nice person. Please, stop trying to make us hate each other." (Um, Lindsay, stop talking trash about her on video.) As she gets into the car with Britney and Paris, a photog actually says "Oh, this is classic."

I should note that, in the 18,000 videos of Paris and Britney leaving clubs together this week, Britney almost never says a thing. She is clearly way too busy being ridiculously drunk, holding onto Paris, a publicist, and/or a car to maintain her balance most of the time. As she stumbles into the car in the last video, and the photogs try to take up-skirt shots, Paris admonishes them, "Guys, don't be pervs." (They got the shot anyway).

Oh, man, I cannot wait until Paris and Britney get into a huge fight. Maybe Britney will sleep with Stavros. Or Paris will sleep with K-Fed (although the former Mr. Spears is rumored to already have a new woman). Or Britney will become BFF with Shanna Moakler (whom, claims Travis Barker, has always been jealous of Paris). The possibilities are endless! Stay tuned!

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