Monday, November 13, 2006

Why Nicole Richie Can't Gain Weight

Remember last month when Nicole Richie was going in for "diagnostic treatment" to determine why she couldn't put on any weight? Well, Page Six ran the following blind item today:

WHICH young Hollywood starlet had secret gastric bypass surgery, but then lost too much weight? During a recent four-day stint at a health clinic, she was actually having an operation to remove the bypass.
Hm. I told you I thought the girl was starting to put on weight. This pic is of Nicole at the Disney Vault event, looking more healthy and happy than we've seen her in a very long time. Well, however you did it, I'm glad you're looking better, Nicole!

Props to celebritynation for putting the pieces together on this one.

Brian said...

What Bolivian doctor agreed to give her bypass surgery?

EvilT said...

What a dumbass. Who thinks that getting gastric bypass surgery when you are 20 pounds over weight is a good idea. Shut our face celebrities and learn how to run.