Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oh Hells Yes: Fox Developing a Kellie Pickler Sitcom

From Variety:

A sitcom star is born: Fox is developing a half-hour comedy revolving around "American Idol" finalist Kellie Pickler.

Pickler will play a naive small-town Southern girl -- a character based on herself -- who discovers that her biological father is the state's well-respected governor. His presidential dreams are put in jeopardy, but the two form a father-daughter relationship that winds up helping his standing in the polls.

Expect Kat McPhee to be talking loudly about her eating disorder by early next week.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I knew this would happen. The AI season finale had an ongoing skit of her cute 'n' folksy encounters with Wolfgang Puck. (Handing head in shame that I still remember this.)

EvilBeet said...

Ha! I forgot about those bits. That was awkward. She's so adorable, though.