Monday, November 06, 2006

Ludacris in Miami

Some kick-ass Evil Beet fans (read: my friends) sent in these pictures of Ludacris they snapped while vacationing in Miami. Here we figure we'll have all the crazy celeb encounters living in L.A., and then they happen when we're on vacation! Check out the funny story behind the pics:

"So we're walking down the street in Miami past this Mexican restaurant. Victoria says, "did you see Ludacris sitting over there?" he was with a big group of people. We decided we should stop for some margaritas. We tried to discretely take a picture of him by pretending we were taking a picture of us and having the camera pointed at him. So we got the picture after a few tries and thought we were slick. Then they finished eating and they got up and Lucacris walked over to out table and says, "Do you want to take another picture of me, this time with me actually looking at the camera?" We were sooooo caught off guard and couldn't believe he caught us. Haha. so here are the pictures. The first one is the one we thought we were slick about, but as you can see he's looking right at the camera with a "I see you biatches taking a picture of me" look on his face. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Miami. =)"

Anonymous said...

what a sweetheart...i always hoped he'd be as cool in person as he many people total were in his entourage?

Juicy said...

Thank you for the story, I posted it on my blog.