Friday, February 09, 2007

The Web is in Mourning

Both Anna Nicole's site and the TrimSpa site are quite sad today.


They also are in the same format and the same text. Something about that seems really strange to me. It is also bit weird that her own website doesn't have a tribute to her but the TrimSpa one does.

At the bottom of TrimSpa's site you can click and see various tributes that TrimSpa customers "sent in." I'm a bit confused how they got these tributes as there isn't a "click here to send a tribute" link. It is a bit fishy that they have all of these testimonials reacting to her death when the website went dark yesterday afternoon after notification of her death. It sounds like Bob in Ad Sales wrote most of these as they all sound like an advertisement.

Also...where is Howard K. Stern? Here is the weird interview that he gave to Larry King after the death of Daniel, Anna's son. Call me crazy but I'm convinced that he has something to do with all of this. He is the common thread. As the Beet pointed out...I can't wait for the "Law and Order."

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