Monday, February 05, 2007

Let's Talk About Lindsay Lohan

I'm trying to figure out what her M.O. is.

Lindsers was partying at Les Deux with Paris Hilton on Friday and was spotted at Area on Saturday night. No one caught her drinking alcohol (she's always got a water bottle or a can of Rockstar -- which may or may not be filled with, say, water or Rockstar), but still. Is she trying to stay sober or what?

It's not that you can't stay sober and be at bars, Linds, and I'm glad you're still going to meetings, but maybe take it easy for the first couple of months? And keep your distance from Paris? Yes?

Is she trying to send a message? That she can quit drinking and still be out on the scene? Is she just that addicted to the publicity? Is there a 12-step program for that? Man, there really should be. Or is she, you know, just that addicted to getting high and drunk at L.A. hot spots?

We're rooting for you, Lindsay! Get your life together!

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