Friday, February 09, 2007

The Legal Issues on This Will be a Bitch

I just finished watching two press conferences which I'm pretty sure had something to do with this whole Anna Nicole thing. As I understand it here's where we stand:

Three jurisdictions are now involved. The request for Anna's DNA was requested in California and has been denied (at least for now). Florida is where the autopsy is being held and they have taken control of Anna's body until at least February 20th. The Bahamas are where little Dannielynn resides. So then, according to the California law they point to The Bahamas as the place the DNA injunction should have been filed.

Mr. Birkhead's lawyer said she didn't know if he was headed to the Bahamas as things are "up in the air." Well, I can tell you if he IS headed there it's probably going to be to get some sun because at this point he's no more the father of that child than I am (and I'm not).

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