Monday, February 05, 2007

It's Illegal Drugs Day on The Beet!

Hey, remember how the last time was we named a day around here, it was Britney Spears Day -- and, later that afternoon, she filed for divorce? That was awesome.

So, between Timberlake's admission that he was stoned out of his goddamn gourd for, you know, most of 2003, La Lohan's illustrious return to the club scene, and this new tipster account from Perez Hilton, I think it oughtta be Illegal Drugs Day around here. T, Lars, you have your marching orders.

Check out the new dirt:

"Now, I'm not one for snitching and I am aware that many celebs indulge in the act I witnessed and am about to share with you, but I feel like this is too good to keep to myself. And I think your readers might find it quite juicy as well. My friend and I were at Tenjune in Manhattan this weekend. While in the bathroom, we were talking about something random and a few times I would throw in an "omygod." I get a tad "valley girl" while intoxicated. Over my shoulder, I heard some chick making fun of my animated conversation to her friends: "Oooomygod. Like ohmygod." As my friend and I turned in unison to verbally and/or physically beat down this broad for making fun of us for no reason, we stopped and stared. It was my girl Britney Spears. Someone who has NO RIGHT to be making fun of ANYONE right now. Shes the biggest joke out there. And I was one of the few people still pulling for this chick. Anyway, due to the total shock we were in, we failed to say anything before she and her friends popped into one bathroom stall, feet facing the wall and SNORTED away. It was so ridiculously obvious what she was doing. I was so mad I waited for her for a good 20 minutes outside the bathroom to confront her, but she was in there FOREVER and I realized she wasnt worth my time. But I have thrown in the towel for being on Team Britney. Shes a trashy chick, with no class... making fun of people who for all she knows PULL for her and want to see her do well and PAY MONEY on her cds and concert tix, while she has the BALLS to blatantly blow it up her nose. Do with this what you will... like I said I know a lot of people do it. I just know you love your gossip and I figured I would share."

Carmel said...

I think you're fucking hilarious Ms. Evil Beet.

Shylock said...

Spears is an infantile garbage can. No taste, no class, no clue. If she's not a walking reason for why retarded white trash should never be given money, I don't know what is.

I hope a fine Jewish sister chokes her with that magan David she's been sporting.

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