Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole: We're Going to Be Doing This for At Least a Week

Gawker's captured some of the madness of Anna Nicole's wikipedia page post-mortem.

Defamer's got a great play-by-play of the CNN coverage. And much-needed baby ducks. The ducks are good. So I'm re-posting them here. Because they helped. Because this is stressful and depressing. Thanks, Defamer.

SplashNews promises CPR video soon.

John Cota said...

It's very obvious to me that Howard K. Stern killed Anna and her son. Howard K. Stern was seen tampering with Daniel's pills shortly before he died. Anna's own mother said that she was sure that Howard K. Stern killed Daniel, and she warned Anna to stay away from Stern. I hope they throw Stern in the same cell with Scott Peterson. Just go Google a picture of that beady-eyed Stern and tell me he doesn't look and act like a conning psychopathic killer.