Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Dead at the Age of 39

CNN is reporting Anna Nicole collapsed in a hotel room and died shortly thereafter.

**I'll be updating as events warrant**

-Autopsy scheduled for tomorrow down in beautiful South Florida.

-Anna Nicole was dead before she reached the hospital, bodyguard attempted CPR in hotel room.

-Emergency filing re: custody of six month old daughter by Larry Birkhead. He is demanding DNA test, as he believes Anna's husband Howard K. Stern is not the father of the child.

-Anna Nicole's room being searched for drugs, this could affect insurance claims.

-Larry King "She wasn't the smartest person in the world... but she was savvy."

Well, the hubbub seems to be dying down, CNN has returned to regular programming. Thankfully both Larry King and vampire Nancy Grace will both be dedicating full hours to this story this evening.

John Cota said...

It's very obvious to me that Howard K. Stern killed Anna and her son. Howard K. Stern was seen tampering with Daniel's pills shortly before he died. Anna's own mother said that she was sure that Howard K. Stern killed Daniel, and she warned Anna to stay away from Stern. I hope they throw Stern in the same cell with Scott Peterson.

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