Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Um, How Did I Miss an Entire Network?

I like to think that I'm sort of in the loop with, you know, television, and the networks which comprise it. At least in the U.S. You know, because it's sort of my job and stuff. But it turns out there is a whole entire network that I have never heard of. It's called "The N" and it's owned by Viacom. Apparently it's targeted toward younger kids. Does it even broadcast in L.A.? Because, um, their wikipedia page says they're airing My So-Called Life reruns. How did I miss this?

Anyway, this lovely Angela Chase-friendly network was brought to my attention by one of my very favorite media folks, who wants me to plug some show on there called Instant Star. It features a girl named Alexz Johnson, who should probably quit acting and go back to school for awhile, at least until someone explains to her that the "x" sound actually includes the "z" sound. Whatever. Here's the preview.

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