Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rayanne Had a Baby!

Sometimes I worry I have too much time on my hands, but then something happens to make me feel better about it. Like when the kids over at the Celebrity Baby Blog notice that the chick who played Rayanne on My So-Called Life had a baby. Her real name, die-hard fans will remember, is A.J. Langer, and the only reason this news made any paper at all is that she is married to Lord Charles Courtenay, the future Earl of Devon and proud owner of an even weirder spelling of Ms. Cox-Arquette's first name. So goddamn tweaked-out Rayanne and her kid are going to move to a castle in England soon. What the fuck have you done lately, Claire Danes??

In order to make a boring story more interesting, I am going to let you guys guess what Rayanne opted to name her child. I promise it is one of the options below. Leave your guesses in the comments.

a) Szarah Muun
b) Wrebequah Starr
c) Joscelyn Skye
d) Putrishia Sohnnhn
e) Hgdsydfwode Jdkfysii Poopypants

Loob said...

I like the first name the best, but I guess 'C', as it seems a tad more likely!

I LOVE Rayanne! Well actually I loved her more as Lauren on "It's Like, Y'Know"! Most under appreciated show ever!
Congratulations A.J.!

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