Thursday, February 08, 2007

Larry Birkhead is Still Alive

Ok, well if that didn't get your attention. I don't know what I can contribute new to the Anna Nicole saga but here is a quote from Larry Birkhead.
According to his lawyer Debra Opri, Larry is

"inconsolable ... he has lost the mother of his child and he has lost a woman he loved very much."
He is also secretly excited that now he gets to prove that Dannielynn is his daughter and hopefully get some dough out of this whole mess.

I have to say RIP Anna. I fully enjoyed you, fat skinny and everywhere in between.

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious to me that Larry birkhead is a gold digger. The lack of respect he showed after daniel died to Anna said it all!! I hope he will never get the little girl even if she turned to be his. God bless dannilyn.

Anonymous said...

Larry Birkhead is a scum!!!