Thursday, February 01, 2007

Five Minutes in the Bathroom with Britney

Life must be so strange for Britney Spears. In this video, she's taking a road trip to Vegas, and has to stop several times for potty breaks. I hear ya, Britney! I have to stop like every 10 miles to pee when I do road trips, too. And there's always the typical hassle of waiting in line and/or trying to find the bathroom key, etc, but how strange must it be to have several camera crews following you while you do this? But that's exactly what happens to Britney. This is seriously a 5-minute video of Britney stopping at different places to pee. Throughout it all, though, she's upbeat and friendly with the photogs. It's actually a kind of cute video. But, really, Brit, why not fly next time?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Britney Spears has gotten into the mix with personal home videos. Just like Paris Hilton, Daniella, Kim Kardashian, Keeley Kazell, Lini Meiste and all the others, a homemade video of Britney Spears nude performing sex acts on Kevin Federline is circulating.

I've seen this tape on and it did look just like her. This might be the one that Federline was supposedly blackmailing her with.

The video is no longer on dailymotion (pulled?), but as of 02/07/2007 it is on (NSFW). No idea how long it will last though.

If anybody else has a working link please post!

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