Thursday, February 15, 2007

Everyone Else's Romantic Valentine's Day

Here I thought we were done with Valentine's Day, but, alas, I still have to write about all the romantic crap that happened to people who aren't me last night. So okay.

Keri Russell decided the only thing better than getting knocked up would be to actually marry the kid's father before the kid's born. Well, either she decided that or her father did. So Felicity and longtime man Shane Deary tied the knot at a small ceremony in NYC last night. They're expecting the baby this summer.

Meanwhile, word has circulated all this morning that 22-year-old Ugly Betty star America Ferrera got engaged to her no-name boyfriend last night (or last month, depending on which rumor you believe). Her rep says it's not true. I wouldn't have been at all surprised that he proposed to America, who is rapidly rocketing light-years away from his league, but I would have been really shocked if she'd said yes. Although it's nice to see that amidst all the fame and attention she's getting lately, she's sticking with the man she met in film school. And I haven't seen a picture of her holding hands with Paris Hilton yet. I have high hopes for this girl.

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