Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Afternoon Round-Up: Linds & Harry Dunzo?

I love it when there's a ton of cool stuff breaking on a Friday afternoon.

  • Grey's Anatomy kicks some CSI ass, while ANTM stays fierce on the CW.

  • Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard (uuuuugh) rounds out its cast with Justin Long and Maggie Q. The fourth installment of the Bruce Willis-as-Jack-Bauer series begins shooting in Baltimore this weekend.

  • Is $1B a reasonable valuation for Facebook? Time Warner CEO Dick Parsons thinks not.

  • Holy fucking shit. had 2 million unique visitors yesterday. This blog thing may take off after all.

  • Nicky Hilton's beau Kevin Connolly punches Brandon Davis in the face -- twice! -- at a party at Paris Hilton's house. Why? Who cares? Way to go, E!

  • Making an appearance at the same party was La Lohan, who I hear got her ass dumped by Harry Morton after dinner last night at Chateau Marmont. I've heard from several sources that she and Paris were playing nice at the party, with Paris even trying to convince Linds that the many reports of her talking shit about the broken-wristed starlet were false. My guess? Lindsay'd been trying to keep her nose clean (literally) to maintain a relationship with Harry Morton, who's well known to be sober, but when that fell apart she went crawling back to her old cokey pals, Paris & Co, within hours.