Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stand and Deliver -- a Punch!

Ah ha ha ha ha!

I am so funny. Great title, Beet.

(I did not get much sleep last night.)

Oh sorry you guys don't even know why it's so funny yet.

Or unfunny. Okay then.

So Lou Diamond Phillips was charged with domestic battery today following his August 11 arrest for kicking his girlfriend's ass. Or allegedly doing that. Not sure. I'm too tired to read the legalese.

It's okay, dude. If I were in Hollywood Homicide, I'd be angry, too.

Streisand_Disciple said...

Hey, if you don't show them the backhand, they end up running of with Melissa Etheridge, don't they, LDP? Yeah, you're a real big man now.