Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Afternoon Round-Up: Where Non-Stories Go to Die

  • Ben Affleck has to keep taking bad scripts. For his daughter.
  • Kevin Federline trudges forward with this album of his, getting as far as releasing the cover photo. The album is titled Playing with Fire, and the photo features a glass of Scotch on fire, a work of art executed with that trademark "angsty design student and an illegal copy of Photoshop" flair.
  • Paris Hilton identifies fuck-buddy Travis Barker as "one of my dear friends." But she's still sleeping with him, of course, because she sleeps with everybody.
  • Is Sarah Jessica Parker pregnant again?
  • Winona Ryder poses nude to raise awareness for cancer, Winona Ryder.

Streisand_Disciple said...

Very funny post. The one thing that Winona can't seem to steal is America's attention.

EvilBeet said...

You always gotta one-up me, doncha, Babs?

Bertrand said...

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