Monday, August 14, 2006

Hi Do You Wanna See Lindsay Lohan's Breast for the Eighth Time This Week?

I'm still paying penance for that Indra Nooyi bit (you know, you can tell your friends about it tonight and sound really smart), so here ya go. I figure between Lindsay Lohan's decision to "accidentally" flash some photogs today and PepsiCo's decision to appoint its first female CEO, we average out somewhere around Paris Hilton burying her goat in the plot next to Marilyn Monroe (for the record, I'm fairly certain this is a joke that fell into the wrong hands, but only time will tell).


It actually looks real. And pretty hot. I gotta hand it to La Lohan lately, her body's been rocking, although I could do without most of her "fashion" misadventures.

Brian said...

Jesus, the things I miss while out of the country!

Anonymous said...

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Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy...

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Medical Blog said...

It actually looks real. And pretty hot.

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