Monday, October 30, 2006

Picking up the Pieces: Whitney is BACK, Bitches!

Whitney Houston makes her first public appearance, newly sober and split from Bobby Brown, looking great. Let the comeback begin! [Celebrity Smack]

Michael Jackson moonwalks back onto our national radar, announcing plans to marry his children's nanny and make a rare public appearance at the World Music Awards in London. Everybody stay very quiet. Maybe he'll just go away. [Hollyscoop and Hollywood Backwash]

X17 has footage of Lindsay Lohan less than an hour before she was spotted screaming and crying in her vehicle after all-night partying. She leaves Paris Hilton's house with a pizza box covering her face, walks into her car (like, literally -- she runs right into it, with the pizza box obstructing her vision), then drives off. When the paparazzi are asking if you're okay to drive, maybe you should ask yourself the same question, Linds. [X17]

Live television is so much fun! Isn't that right, SNL? [Defamer]

It's cute when photogs decide they're going to stop bloggers from using their photos. [HGW]

Brian said...

Um, not to take sides here, but that was one of a handful of paparazzi-following-someone videos I have ever seen and how fucking horrible it was!

I know I'm not treading any new ground here, but they will attempt to turn anything into a story. Perhaps I missed something, but the whole running-into-a-car thing was clearly the result of the box covering her face from the dude snapping photos five inches away. I'm sure LL *was* out all night partying, but if you took hi-res pictures of me at 5am after a night of drinking, I'm sure the result would be equally - if not way more - frightening.

I think, because I mostly just read on this site about photogs following these people and never watch the accompanying video links, I don't realize how brazen these people are in their relentless pursuit of these pictures.

There's little doubt in my mind LL and her ilk are horrible, phony, self-absorbed people, but jesus, who the fuck would ever wish that on someone who's really committed no crime?