Thursday, October 19, 2006

Some Notes for Dr. Isobel Stevens Regarding Compound Interest

Hi Izzie.

I've provided some links for you regarding the power of compound interest.

Here's the Wiki on compound interest.
Here's a compound interest calculator.
And an informative article from
Even one from The Motley Fool.

I mean, I know a medical education's no MBA, but the refrigerator?

Come on, Izzie.

Brian said...

I don't get this.

EvilBeet said...

That's because you don't watch Grey's Anatomy. You should work to remedy that.

Anonymous said...

The character on the show has a check for 8.7 million dollars, but is delaying on depositing it until she knows what to do with it. So she hung an 8.7 million dollar check ON THE REFRIGERATOR!

EvilBeet said...

Not cool, Izzie. Not cool at all.