Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Celebrities Are Just Like Us

They forget to pay their taxes too.

Wesley Snipes, who stopped making relevant movies in the mid-90s, evidently got caught making false returns to the tune of 12 million dollars. Now this would be just a boring "stupid celebrity forgets to pay their taxes story," but he also had another brilliant idea in 2005.

He tried to leave the country of South Africa with a fake South African passport. Accoring to IMDB.com, "the actor was later allowed to leave the country but his immigration status has been reduced to 'undesirable' and his false passport confiscated."
Sounds like somebody got a bit crazy where their movies started going straight to video, or when they went from playing a street-wise hustler to a drag queen?

I totally am waiting for an E! True Hollywood Story!

Reel Fanatic said...

He is also associated with a cult group here in Georgia known as the Nuwaubians ... Their leader, Malachi York, is now in jail on sex with minors charges, and their compound, an actually very cool looking series of very colorful pyramids, has been razed to the ground .. Maybe Wesley can be their new leader!

Anonymous said...

Okay, without violating confidentiality rules too badly (it's on the smoking gun), let me assure you that this was no "stupid celebrity forgets to pay their taxes story." He claimed zero income in years where he was making millions of dollars. He actually filed returns, and when it asked how much income he had that year he said ZERO. He's not a confused tax protester or misguided celebrity; he just decided he'd steal millions of dollars from welfare mothers and combat troops.

EvilBeet said...

Ha! I didn't know that. Too funny. What a dumbass.

EvilBeet said...

I know this is a super-old post at this point, but I did some research and, for the record, Snipes did not really report $0 as his total income, he reported it as his net adjusted gross income, which is quite different than saying "Hey, I didn't make shit this year."