Saturday, October 21, 2006

Newsflash: People Hate Paris Hilton

I am one of the many people that is over Paris Hilton. I think she is ugly, bowlegged, and a symbol of everything that is wrong with celebrity. The strange thing is that, as much as people dislike Paris, she won't go away.

If I was a paparazzi photographer I would ostensibly not take her picture to make her mad. Well, until I realized that a picture of a drunk whoring Paris Hilton could make me enough money to feed a small African nation.

Because Paris won't go away, many have taken to hating her overtly. I introduce you to the Paris Hilton Hatelisting.


Anonymous said...

You're obviously very jealous of her and have a cruel and mean heart. I am a huge fan of Paris and I support her.

And for the record clueless jealous hater, Paris Hilton has done charity work all her life and she's a celebrity, an entertainer and a business woman, not a humanitian for Christ's sake.

You know how I know that you're jealous of her? I know it because you're a crook. You don't tell anything to other heirs and heiresses about doing charity work instead of sucking their parent's money.

For that reason, you are a clueless jealous hater.

EvilT said...

Oh anonymous. I actually don't believe that Paris Hilton is a celebrity. I believe she is a publicity whore. These things are very different.

You know that she became famous only because Page Six starting running features on her when she was 16 and dancing on tables in bars instead of getting a proper education. There are a lot of singers, actresses and "models" that became famous ON THEIR OWN and not because mommy and daddy didn't make her ever have a proper job so all she did was run around and pose for cameras half naked.

A businesswoman? That is a huge joke. Do you think that she is masterminding her career? Please don't give her that much credit.

Charity work? Um, I'm sorry but the last time I checked I never saw Paris support any noteworthy charity other then herself.

I'm just sick of having her forced down my throat. You can enjoy buying into the hype. Be a lemming. Enjoy. Hope you are wearing some of her crappy perfume, dancing to one of her lame songs, and enjoying continuous re-runs of The Simple Life.

Peace, EVIL T

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm the lemming? Dear, you don't know a shit about Paris. You get all your fake junk from the lying media? And you call me a lemming?

You know why you're a lemming? Because you want to think that Paris Hilton is a stupid spoiled kid when she has been making money since she was 18 year old. And don't get me started on Charity work. You would be blown away if you knew how much charity work Kathy, Rick, Barron, Conrad, Nicky and Paris has done

So don't pretent that you know everything about her or her family by reading fake article. Paris Hilton is much stronger and powerful than you think.

The fact is that you're a jealous hater who envies her wonderful life.

It is people like you who belong in hell, who don't deserve to live a happy life. You want us to hate Paris, when you hate her because you're jealous of her. And what's more embarrassing? Even with all those assumptions you make about Paris, none of them can back up a single fact, so therefore you have no reason to hate Paris!

Anonymous said...

"A businesswoman? That is a huge joke. Do you think that she is masterminding her career? Please don't give her that much credit."

Get a clue, idiot. Paris Hilton has a money-machine empire that you aren't aware of. You're too jealous to even realize that.

"dancing on tables in bars instead of getting a proper education."

Oh please jealous hater. Like has if all other celebrities have much education. Here's a fact: you don't have to me a highy education to make millions of dollars loser.

"There are a lot of singers, actresses and "models" that became famous ON THEIR OWN"

LOL, what a lame argument. Paris is still famous. And she continues to be famous people her fans love her and haters talk about her.

"Hope you are wearing some of her crappy perfume, dancing to one of her lame songs"

HAHA! your fake biased dishonest opinion! Opinions are facts. Say what you want, but people LOVE her product. That's why her flagarence in the top 10 like all her products and has made 200 million of dollars. That's a fact dear lemming. You're not competition against me and you're arguments are nothing but biased and jealous opinions.

Streisand_Disciple said...

Wow, I'm almost afraid to interrupt this discussion, but inasmuch as I've seen a few people ring in this manner, I'd like a little clarification.

I guess part of the confusion w/r/t Paris is what exactly her fans are fans of. When a celebrity's work is comprised primarily of acting, music, or athletics, it's easy for those of us more or less ambivalent to that celebrity to realize his or her supporters are fans because they admire his or her acting ability, musical talent, or athletic prowess. While it's easy for many to see things about Paris they might find distasteful (certain comments, partying behaviors, etc.) it's not easy to see what work of hers others might support.

So now you have an open forum, anonymous. I'm not being sarcastic here, but what is it that draws you to supporting Paris Hilton in particular? I'm not aware of her being especially known as an athlete, performer, etc. I doubt that philanthropy is the principle draw, because I don't think her work is of a scale comparable to some other folks, like Bill & Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, et al. So what, to you, makes Paris Hilton so worthy of your fanaticism?

EvilT said...

I'm not the only person who hasn't bought into the hype.

PS- You act like you know the woman. That is creepy Anonymous.

EvilBeet said...

I find some comfort in the knowledge that no one has yet disagreed with my assertion that Cacee Cobb is getting fat.

Carry on.

TheBitchWontDie said...

Paris is a business woman. Fuck, the only thing she good at are "BLOW JOB and Spreading her legs". I wish that dumb bitch just die. She can't sing. Her fucking album was a joke. If you listen close with your headphone, you can tell how heavy the vocal editing added. She fucking can't even do the basic math such as subtract, plus, multiply, and divided. Talk about dumb blond, to those who admires her, you're fucking dumbest people I meet.

People hate Paris because they're jealous of her. Fuck man, she got nothing for me to be jealous. Oh my God!!! I'm jealous because Paris's been on MTV, have her own clothing name, she knows what wear... Fuck, give me $25 Million and you see what I can do with it. I'm making sure that $25 Million turn into $250 million or more. Or I'll spend it on banging all of your fucking love Paris fans' mama asses.