Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The People Who Think Dane Cook is Funny: Explained!

It turns out they're just not very smart! Just what we'd suspected all along. Thank you to Salon for putting it so eloquently:

So what explains Cook's popularity? His comedy is most notable for what it lacks: a critique of the political climate (Dennis Miller, George Carlin, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher), a commentary on our culture (Chris Rock, David Chappelle), a slightly tweaked perspective (Ray Romano, Steven Wright, Jerry Seinfeld), outrageously dirty material (Eddie Murphy, Andrew Dice Clay), or just a goofy, oddball routine (Howie Mandel). Although his delivery can be chafingly smug, Cook doesn't present himself as anything special. He likes video games and chicks and sports and other general-purpose guy stuff. He's not particularly baffled by the world, or all that perceptive, or all that self-aware. He's a little self-deprecating, a little bit cutesy and a little bit aggressive, but most important, he treats mundane experiences like they're huge revelations: Breakup sex is the best, right? Right! Sometimes you have to lie to get out of stuff you don't want to do. I know you've done it, too, bro!

Even Cook's delivery isn't noteworthy or unique; he sprinkles "bro" and "dude" into every story, he's terrible at impressions and when he's imitating a woman, he inexplicably speaks in a high voice with a lisp, as if he's doing a homophobic imitation of a gay man.

But Cook's is the sort of non-threatening humor that appeals to people who, when watching Jon Stewart or Jerry Seinfeld, don't feel like they're in on the joke. With Cook, you're always in on the joke. Even if you've never been in a bad relationship or had breakup sex, you can just flash that "SuFi" and you're part of the club.

Read the rest of the article here. [via thisisnotreallyablogforreal]

Special note to Dane: This totally doesn't mean I wouldn't sleep with you. You can spend the whole time talking about how sometimes you just want to be on the bottom and let the girl do all the work. Ha!

Anonymous said...

i do not agree
i think dane i extremly funny
and i have a 3.8

Drew said...

"i do not agree
i think dane i extremly funny
and i have a 3.8"

and I think you are a dumbass

Anonymous said...


word. that DOES explain it... same goes for Jeff Dunham. sometimes I wish I were stupid so their ratio of success to actual talent wouldn't piss me off so much.

Eric said...

when that guy says 3.8 I think he means his IQ....
And if he means his GPA school is not directly related to intelligence in any way....
Someone could be an incredibly good mathematician but know nothing about how the world works.
If you didn't catch that knowing about the world is what makes you intelligent knowing math makes you smart.
And if you didn't catch that the fist time you probably think he's funny.

C-Bass! said...

Brilliant and lucid comment Eric, I agree that anyone who didn't understand your perfectly formed comment must be stupid.

I find the small contingency of people determined to criticize Dane Cook highly amusing. For all of the impressions and "Dane Cook sucks" videos and blogs, there's 10 people happily enjoying his comedy. The only thing stupid here is a bunch of high and might pseudo-intellectuals trying to be non-conformists by logically convincing others that a certain person isn't funny. Humor doesn't have a formula, and the reason that all of the listed comedians have rung true to us is not nearly as simplified as the author makes it out to be.

Dane Cook is a very funny person, and just because you can't quantify it doesn't make it not true. If you want to claim that only stupid people find him funny, then enjoy sitting in your poorly constructed ivory tower. I have a genius IQ, and I find him hilarious. Guess that throws a wrench in your little theory. Oops.

Twizzle said...

If you don't think Dane is funny, then why mess with him? His fans love him, laugh with him, and have happy times together. But all you do is sit there and call everyone stupid. Just don't worry people, be happy.

Anonymous said...

That first comment made me laugh... the guy is an obvious school geek that know nothing about the world because he never had a friend in his life. By listening to Dane Cook's jokes, he feels(or probably only imagines) he has/had friends and he could pretend he could relate. And when Dane Cook talks about make up sex and all that stuff, he could relate with the make up sex he had with his thumb and his index finger from his dick being too small. Anyways, the guy who made the first comment, thank you for making my day cause you, sir, are an absolute social idiot with a 3.8 GPA. congrads!

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