Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yes Of COURSE Marilyn Manson is Banging Evan Rachel Wood

Via People:

Rocker Marilyn Manson is romantically involved with 19-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood, sources close to the situation tell PEOPLE.

The sources say his relationship with the Thirteen actress was a factor in the Dec. 29 divorce filing by Dita Von Teese, 34, Manson's wife of one year.

"Dita is heartbroken, she didn't see this coming," says a source close to the burlesque dancer and MAC cosmetics model. "His partying contributed to the split as well."

Movie-goers will predominantly know Evan from the critically acclaimed Thirteen, although she also played Natalie Finch in Running with Scissors, and she stars in the upcoming King of California with Michael Douglas.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting!!! She is obviously with him for the attention. Poor girl.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting!!! Poor girl she is only with him for the media attention.

Anonymous said...

I know Manson personally and he is a sweet and intelligent guy. Some of you people are so much creepier than him, - you see him wearing some make up and label him weird although you never spoke to him or anything, that is brainless. He looks good with it, let him do what he likes to. And noone forced Evan to hang out with him,.. she probably does because Manson is fun to be around.

Anonymous said...

Evan Rachel Wood loves the Donkey Punch. She's a duuurty girl.

Anonymous said...

Evan Rachel Wood loves the donkey punch. She's a durty girl. Into anal.

Anonymous said...

who gives a rats ass....crazy canadian(LFG)

Sha-Boom said...

Look, who gives a crap what they do? Seriously, have we forgotten how it use to be back in the day when everyone minded their business. Seems these days everyone has an opinion. Personally would I choose Marilyn to date my daughter, probably not. Basically what i'm saying is STFU and mind your business or take up a hobby of some sort, ahhh fuck it die!

Anonymous said...

I just think it is really sad. He and Dita seemed so good together. My fiance met her a few times when she came to Dallas and he said that she was really nice. I was very happy for Manson to have found such a great girl. I just hope he made the right choice.

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