Monday, January 15, 2007

The Fashion Stars Of The Golden Globes

Here are T's favorites for Golden Globe dresses:

1) Reese Witherspoon- Divorce has ever looked hotter. Loved the bright yellow and she really looked young and fresh. She is single and ready to mingle.

2) Drew Barrymore- Never would have picked light pink for her but she worked it out. The dress was flattering and her tan really complemented her overall look. I really can say I think that she has never looked better at an awards show.

3) Helen Miren- Love it when older women show off their boobs. That sounded dirty but she looks great for being in her sixties. Love the hair and her beautiful jewelry.

4) America Ferrera- She is such an adorable actress and this dress played up her assets perfectly. She looked young, slim and adorable and I thought her speech was really the sweetest of the evening.

5) Angelina and Brad- The camera loved them tonight and I did too. They looked like classic old Hollywood and their love was evident tonight. She was radiant and he was dapper. I'm slightly obsessed with them.