Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rock On, Tara Conner

The disgraced Miss USA -- who entered rehab almost a month ago at the request of Donald Trump, who runs the Miss Universe organization, after allegations of inappropriate behavior surfaced -- checked out this weekend, and gave People magazine some killer quotes.

"My life has completely changed, she says. "I'm a completely different person out of rehab. Before I entered rehab I hardly knew who I was. I felt like I was floating and I just needed someone to pull me down. I didn't think I had any kind of issue going into rehab. But I've realized I do have an issue. I suffer from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. And if there's anything that I want people to know it's the severity of this disease and what it can do to people."

Whatever the path she took to get there, I'm glad that Tara has decided to speak publicly about her struggles with addiction, and hopefully she can set a positive example for young people everywhere who struggle with the disease. Unlike a certain other celeb in rehab, Tara kept her ass in a treatment center and away from photogs during her 31-day stay, worked a program, and emerged to share her experience with others. Way to go, Tara!