Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Paris a Parent???

Apparently Britney is having as harmful an impact on Paris as Paris is having on her. After all the time Paris has spent with Britney and her two sons, she now wants to have kiddos of her own. “It’s been my dream to have four babies by 30,” says Hilton, 25, who probably ought to sit down and do the math on that one. “I look after animals," she says, "so I’d have a lot to give my kids.” Sheesh. Paris totally gives these quotes because she knows people will write about how ridiculous they sound. And it works.

Britney, meanwhile, is likely not up for Mother of the Year right now. Page Six reports that Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services "has been calling Britney trying to set up a meeting with her, so they can check on [Spears' baby sons Sean Preston and Jaden James]. The calls started after this recent bout of bizarre public behavior." I seriously doubt this. I don't think L.A.'s Family Services is in the business of knocking on starlets' doors just because they're out partying whilst being mothers. While this is certainly not the most motherly behavior, something tells me Sean and Jayden are not sitting home alone starving while Britney is out flashing her goodies. I'm sure they're being looked after by her mother or her manager or any one of the other 5000 people on their parents' payroll, not unlike the rest of the diapered population of Malibu.

Abe-O said...

Yuuuuuck...I pity the fool who knocks up Paris Hilton. Although given her history of unprotected sex I doubt it'll be too long before the world is graced with another blonde, vapid idiot.

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