Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Conner Speaks

Miss USA will be keeping her crown and her swanky pad. Among the highlights of the press conference:

She says there are way too many allegations. She had a couple of nights where she drank. No comment on drug issue (YIKES).

Katie Blair "completely innocent" according to Tara (say it isn't so).

She wouldn't say she's an alcoholic, that would be pushing the envelope. "We all have personal demons we have to face." She will be drug tested, per The Donald. He also says "she's not sure if she's an alcoholic, which is never good." Hmm, that seems to be in direct contradiction to her statement. Me thinks after a few more "meetings" with the Miss USA people she'll be admitting she has a "problem."
She will be headed to rehab right about now. If you want more opinion and info check out our brothers at TMZ.

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