Thursday, December 21, 2006

Naomi Watts Hates Romance

I like Naomi Watts. You should too. She's good people. But when you come after romantic comedies, you're coming after my big old heart. Read what she said in this article:

"I look at those romantic comedies, and I see actors with perfect hair and six-packs, and I feel myself being numbed, and I get angry because I see so much money spent on these things," the 38-year-old actress says in an interview in Allure magazine's January issue, on newsstands Tuesday. "I don't mean to sound righteous here," she continues. "There is need for it, because there are times when I am in a hotel room and need to be numbed. ... I keep saying to myself, Oh, God, I'm sick of playing these dark, harrowing roles. I want a big paycheck, so put me in some dumb romantic comedy any day."
Um, you know who disagrees with you sister? John FUCKING Cusack. Numb and dumb? You tell that to Love Actually sister, go ahead, tell it to its face.

I thought not.

john said...

you are being unfair. picking an exception does not prove the rule.
remember that naomi also said remakes exhibited the lack of creativity in hwd. does that mean that she does not think kong deserved one? (no. technology & feminism made one useful.) the ring? (no. translation from japan's sexist ringu where the woman had to depend upon the man required a new one.) or painted veil? (no. the earlier version w/garbo was horrible.)

there is no more romantic film this winter than her painted veil (though not a comedy). her comic talents in the indie ellie parker variety compared w/lucille ball &
carole lombard (though it was not a romance). look at awards. it's just hard to find as high a per-centage of romantic comedies as dramas.

in general, she's correct. but she is also frustrated.

Spiteful Lars said...

Well, as for unfair I am generall so. But I will say the rom-com genre is as viable as any other, be it horror, sports, or drama. Some are bad, some are good. I love Naomi Watts in all truth but the idea that RomCommers are just cashing checks to numb people doesn't show off her better, more logical side.

I still need to see The Painted Veil.

pattonjr5 said...

but she's being sarcastic or ironic. irony has its own logic.
& she is being taken out of context. she has always said she would love to do a romantic comedy if she got a good script. but she does not have to do bad scripts anymore. & there are conflicts too. meirellos was anxious to get her to do the constant gardener before rachel weisz, but she had committed herself to do this little film called king kong.

do you really believe everything the entertainment media said is accurate or in context. read the entire allure article & not tabloidish summaries, executed for sensational purposes. it won't take as long as painted veil. the problems w/china & the parent company that did not allow distribution to critics groups has also made her frustrated. they almost moved the date to march07. she's human as well as logical.

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