Monday, December 04, 2006

Gwyneth: Lost in Translation

Gwyneth Paltrow responded today to reports that she gave a Portuguese newspaper a quote that "the British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans."

Says Paltrow: "I felt so upset to be completely misconstrued and I never, ever would have said that. I definitely did not say that I think the British are more intelligent and civilized than Americans. I am a New York girl, that's how I always think of myself and see myself."

Paltrow denies giving an interview specifically to the Portuguese paper, although she did give a press conference -- in Spanish -- for an endorsement she did in Spain. "Obviously I need to go back to seventh-grade Spanish!" quips Paltrow.

Update: Ha! The ever-worldly Evil T just emailed me to remind me that they don't speak Spanish in Portugal. Hee hee, maybe Gwyneth needs to go back to seventh-grade social studies instead. I should probably go with her.

UpdateUpdate: In fairness, perhaps the writing staff of that Portuguese daily needs to brush up on their Spanish. Or, you know, stop fabricating stories.

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